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Drake Nicholson owner of Nicholson and Associates Insurance

Nicholson & Associates Insurance LLC was established in 1965 by Larry & Marlene Nicholson with a mission to bring insurance solutions to the local community.

The agency was honorably passed on to their son Drake Nicholson, who has continued to bring their vision to life as a leader and experienced insurance agent.

Over 50 years later, our commitment to service and community is stronger than ever as we strive to protect what matters most to our neighboring families and business owners.

Family is our foundation.

Family is the very foundation of our agency. Without connection, we have nothing, and it is through this pursuit of connection that we are able to build each other up.

Our customers can feel the difference in working with our dedicated and experienced team. With many insurance companies, it can sometimes feel like you are just a name on a screen or a policy number.

With us, you truly become part of our Nicholson family, and with that comes a commitment to service and excellence that is unmatched anywhere else.

How we do it.

The backbone of our agency is our expert team. We may be small, but we believe this is our greatest strength. Our size allows us to work quickly and efficiently, enabling us to deliver high-quality service without unnecessary delays. We are an experienced and dedicated team, passionate about insurance, and always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. In the words of our founder, “In a world of complexity, we aim to simplify insurance and ensure our clients are fully covered.”

Our partners.

Rather than being left with limited product and price options, you will have access to a variety of carriers and coverages so you can find the right protection within your budget.

The best part? No matter which carrier you choose, you always have our local team here to help when you need it.

We represent many of the largest and most respected insurance companies in the country. So you have peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

Nicholson and Associates Insurance Mission To Help You

Our Mission

To provide innovative insurance solutions for every risk while educating every client on risk management techniques. We work diligently to build trust and deliver on our commitments with results that consistently exceed expectations.

Providing guidance and support.

We know insurance can feel overwhelming and complicated at times. Our associates are well-versed and experienced in a variety of insurance products. Through our expertise, we are able to provide guidance and support to find the right insurance solution for you and properly protect against all types of risk.

Team members with Nicholson and Associates Insurance
Team members with Nicholson and Associates Insurance

Serving the community.

Our agents not only work in and serve our community, but they are also community members themselves. They understand our local areas and the values of our town. Our insurance agents and associates truly care about making their local communities great and are eager to help business owners, individuals, and families alike thrive.

When they can make a difference, we all win. We feel privileged to live in such a wonderful community and have the opportunity to serve, protect, and connect with our local neighbors and business owners.

Client Spotlight

What our clients say.

“I’ve never had an insurance agent be so helpful, and so caring before! I’ve been with Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, and now with Safeco. Hands down the best in Clark county! Cherie Walker was so helpful trying to help me figure out information about my old policy and I wasn’t even a client at the time!”


“I’ve always received excellent service and the entire staff at Nicholson & Associates is very professional and pleasant to work with.”


“Great place for low rates and excellent staff and service I recommend all I know looking for insurance.”


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