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A new year means lots of opportunities for new memories to be made. Springtime brings the start of wedding planning, summer boasts family gatherings and reunions, and fall hosts our favorite holidays. Celebrating is a great way for us to come together and commemorate milestones and togetherness, but it comes with its own share of risk. With special events coverage, you can protect your special day no matter what comes your way.

What is Special Events Coverage?

Special Events Insurance provides liability protection to the exposures present at a party, celebration, etc. Weddings are a great example of a unique risk that needs to be covered with this specialized policy. These events are held at special venues to cater to many needs, such as seating, performers, food, and liquor. All of these things open you up to different exposures, like grandma tripping over the microphone cord or someone getting alcohol poisoning from being overserved at your open bar. In the event someone gets hurt or their property is damaged in the course of your event, your Special Events Insurance will cover the costs to make things right.

Special Events coverage primarily protects Liability, which is accidental property damage and injury to others. When liquor is involved, there is a specific coverage called Liquor Liability that covers this exposure. Special Events Insurance comes with the option to add this on to make sure you have all the protection you need in one place. Make sure if you are selling or serving alcohol at your event to obtain Liquor Liability coverage and verify that the servers you have hired have their liquor license. This will help minimize the risk of a liquor-related incident.

Why Does the Venue Want Proof of Insurance?

When you are planning a special event, you likely need to find a good location to host it. Most times, the event centers will ask for proof of Special Events Insurance so they can see that you are protected in case something happens. This coverage not only safeguards your interests, but theirs as well. If one of your guests becomes unruly and accidentally damages property at the venue, the venue doesn’t want to be responsible for paying for this. Your Special Events Insurance can ensure that any damage to their property is covered, so long as it is not damaged intentionally. Carrying the right coverage can help you secure the perfect place for your big day. In some cases, the venue may even ask to be listed as an additional or named insured to make sure that their interests are properly protected, so be sure to clarify how they need to be associated with your policy to make sure it is correct.

How Else Does Special Events Coverage Protect Me?

One of the other key parts of Special Events Insurance is the coverage for unforeseen cancellations or disruptions to your event. Even all the planning in the world cannot stop a sudden family emergency, flight cancellations, venue closures, and any other external circumstances. Events like weddings, funerals, and retirement parties often come with quite a price tag, so if your event has to be cancelled, you don’t want to get stuck footing the bill. Special Events coverage can safeguard your financial interests by providing reimbursement or coverage for expenses that occur even if your event is cancelled. Some insurance companies have certain restrictions or specific covered exposures, so be sure to read through your policy thoroughly so you can understand what items may or may not be covered in the event of a cancellation or disruption.

Call Today to Secure Your Special Events Policy for Your Event

The new year is a great time to start planning ahead for special occasions. Summer weddings, high school reunions, college graduations, and more are closer than you think, so call us today to work with a personal lines insurance agent and find the right Special Events coverage for your special day.

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