Protection for Fire & Emergency Services

Our emergency response teams are an integral part of every community. At the heart of every fire station and emergency response unit is a team of committed community members devoted to keeping their neighbors safe. We are privileged to return the favor by protecting the operations of local fire and emergency service departments to ensure that the only risks you take are the ones you signed up for.

Coverage for fire departments and emergency services protects those that protect us. Some of the essential coverages specific to fire and emergency services are:

  • Accident Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Portable & Emergency Equipment Coverage

Emergency Equipment Coverage for Fire & Emergency Services

Fire and emergency services departments require specialized and powerful equipment to do their jobs. The most important element of any first responder team is the ability to quickly reach the scene of an accident and transport the necessary personnel and tools along with it. Fire trucks, EMS vehicles, and ambulances are critical for life-saving measures in times of need. Commercial Auto Insurance protects not only the vehicles themselves, but also other drivers on the road and passengers inside. Emergencies require urgency, and while sirens help clear the road most of the time, this doesn't mean accidents can't still happen. Commercial Auto Insurance provides liability coverage to pay for injuries or damages caused to others and comes with the option to insure the vehicle itself. With these expensive vehicles, it is a good idea to opt for this protection in the event your fire truck or ambulance is damaged either on the way to the scene or even just parked outside the hospital.

Inside these emergency vehicles is necessary, life-saving or disaster-stopping equipment. Fire trucks are equipped with radios, safety and first aid equipment, and of course fire hoses. Ambulances come stocked with gurneys, oxygen masks, defibrillators, and more. Covering portable equipment like this requires special coverage in the event it is damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Portable and Emergency Equipment coverage offers peace of mind by protecting this specialized equipment in case something happens to it during transit or service.

Life & Injury Solutions for Fire & Emergency Services

Firefighters, paramedics, and everything in between are here to support our community during the most tragic and desperate times. As a fire or emergency services department, you and your team place yourself in harm's way to save lives, and with that selfless service comes risk. Accident Insurance is a key coverage to have in order to protect your career firefighters, volunteer staff, paramedics, and EMTs in the event they are hurt on the job. Workers Compensation offers similar protection, but can often take longer to receive the necessary payout for injuries or treatment.

Additionally, there are limitations with Workers Compensation such as waiting periods, disability limitations, and exclusions for pre-existing conditions. All of this can equate to additional complications after an already stressful event. Your staff have committed to take care of the people in our communities, so you want to make sure your staff are taken care of too. Accident Insurance will cover lost income after the injury and can cover disability, medical expenses, and more. This can make all the difference in preserving your staff's livelihood as they recover from the injury.

First responders have accepted the possibility that their line of work may be fatal. Your staff have looked beyond self and have found that serving others in need trumps all else. Their families love them, worry about them, and depend on them. While they have accepted the possible loss of a loved one, a fatal work-related incident is devastating emotionally and financially. Group Life Insurance can help cover the financial burdens and support a family if one of your staff is killed in the course of duty. A person's life cannot truly have a monetary value, but their absence can have financial impacts that can make losing a loved one even harder. By carrying adequate Life Insurance on each staff person, you can provide the families peace of mind that even if this hardship happens, they can keep their home, pay their bills, cover funeral expenses, and even take time off from work to properly cope with the emotional challenges of losing a family member.

Interested in finding the right coverage to protect your department? Our team of commercial agents is ready to help your fire and emergency services department find the best insurance solutions for you and your team.