Packages Made for Bars, Pubs, & Taverns

There are few better places to socialize and experience the vibrant nightlife than in our local bars, pubs, and taverns. From delicious dishes to locally brewed and crafted beverages, there is much for the community to enjoy. As a bar, pub, or tavern owner, you have specific challenges and potential risks that you overcome to bring quality and relaxation to your patrons. We have innovative insurance solutions to protect your interests and address these concerns so that you can skip the worry and focus on creating an amazing experience.

Protection for bars, pubs, and taverns covers many different exposures. Some of the essential coverages specific to bars, pubs, and taverns are:

  • Business Income
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Employee Theft
  • General Liability
  • Liquor Liability

Liability Coverage for Bars, Pubs, and Taverns

Bars and taverns are the draw of nightlife for most towns, and your pub has its own unique vibe, hand-selected beverages, and perhaps even entertainment. Although many people feel comfortable having a drink or two for a relaxing night out, any amount of alcohol could prove hazardous to your business if something goes wrong. Any one of your customers could potentially make the harmful decision to drink and drive, or may engage in other reckless behavior. This could include assault, vandalism, theft, and a range of other illegal activities. While you may not inherently be promoting any of these unsafe choices, you can't exactly control what your customers do when they leave your bar. Liquor Liability is critical for all bars, pubs, and taverns for this very reason. This coverage will protect your business in the event someone you served gets hurt, hurts someone else, or damages property after leaving your establishment.

Additionally, Liquor Liability will cover you and your staff if one of your patrons is overserved during their time at your business. This includes damages and injuries they cause to others as well as injuries to themselves. If someone is overserved, they will not be in the best frame of mind to make smart decisions. This could lead to a number of risky behaviors, and if they result in damage or harm, your business could potentially be held responsible. It is best practice to monitor how many drinks customers are purchasing and enforce strict cut off rules with staff to make sure people are not accidentally or carelessly overserved. This can help mitigate risk, but in the event someone is overserved despite these efforts, Liquor Liability will be there to protect you.

The main purpose of a bar is to socialize and have fun. With this in mind, your business can quickly become a hazard zone for injuries or accidents. This is especially true if you have any sort of games such as pool, shuffleboard, or darts, or feature regular entertainment like live music with added wires and equipment. General Liability is a must-have to ensure you are covered in case someone gets hurt at your business, or your operations lead to damage of someone's property. The most common incidents include slip-and-falls or injury from activities, but can also extend to products you serve. General Liability is quite broad and covers a range of incidents that could result in a lawsuit, so it is essential to carry.

In the event your business experiences a covered loss or a lawsuit, you may be forced to close temporarily. Even short-term closure could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue depending on the day, season, or circumstances. Each night of business is essential revenue needed to keep the business operational, so disruption to this could be catastrophic. Business Income and Extra Expense coverage will protect you in the event you experience a covered loss and are unable to remain open for a period of time. By carrying Business Income and Extra Expense, you can rest assured that your bottom line isn't negatively affected while you recover from a loss.

Employee Protection for Bars, Pubs, and Taverns

It takes a team to successfully run a bar, and you have likely spent a lot of time and energy finding the right people for your crew. No matter how perfect your staff may seem, lawsuits can still arise from workplace-related incidents. Employment Practices Liability is an essential coverage to carry to protect you and your business in the event of an employment issue. This includes sexual harrassment, discrimination, wage and hour disputes, and wrongful termination, amongst other problems that may come up during the course of employment. Every workplace is at risk for experiencing these serious workplace issues, so it is always best to opt for Employment Practices Liability to protect yourself and your company in the event of a lawsuit.

No one wants to imagine hiring an employee that would steal from them, but theft is often a crime of opportunity more than premeditated thought. The nature of business often leaves employees working alone, which may create potential opportunities for theft during their shifts. Theft could include money from a cash register, credit card information, or physical property like alcoholic beverages, expensive wine glasses, or anything else you use for your business. Employee Theft is important to carry even if you fully trust your staff to be honest and ethical, just in case an opportunity ever arises and they are unable to resist the temptation. In the event an employee does commit fraudulent activity, Employee Theft will compensate you as the business owner for relevant financial or physical harm done.

Interested in learning more? Our team of commercial insurance agents is here to help you find the best coverage for your bar, pub, or tavern so you can focus on building an experience for the community.