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The sunshine is back and summertime is just around the corner. Many of us are readying ourselves for road trips, boat excursions, and backroad exploration. Before you rev up those engines, make sure you have the right insurance coverage to cover your summer toys. Insurance is available for boats, RVs, and even ATVs to make sure you are protected for every summer adventure.

Boat Insurance for Better Protection

When you lay up your boat in the fall, it is still covered for certain things. However, you still want to make sure when you take it back to the dock that it is fully covered for the water. Liability Insurance is a key coverage to carry during those active summer months in case you accidentally run the boat into someone or something. This coverage is just like your auto insurance in the way that it will pay for injuries or damages caused to other people. It may seem like a long shot, but boat accidents can happen whether you’re out on the lake or hitting the open seas. Wherever you choose to set sail, carry Liability Insurance to keep yourself covered.

Cover Cross-Country Trips with RV Insurance

RVs are a great way to spend the summer if you like to take things slow and really see the sights. Being out on the open road can be exhilarating, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Carrying RV insurance can help protect your RV and your liability. Some coverage does extend from your auto insurance if you are towing an RV, but this doesn’t extend once you are parked or if you are driving the RV on its own. Having a separate RV insurance policy is the best way to cover everything for your trips.

Liability is available for your RV for accidents and for incidents that happen at the campsite. If someone gets hurt or damages are incurred while the RV is stationary, then liability can still apply. This is similar to how liability works on a home policy. Just like a home policy, you can also opt to carry Contents Coverage for your personal belongings that are used or stored in the RV. With the right coverage, you can protect yourself in case something happens on your cross-country vacation.

ATV Insurance to Keep You Covered

Although ATV insurance isn’t required across the board, there are certain areas or trails that may ask for this before you ride there. Even if you only ride in areas that don’t require this, ATV insurance is still a good idea to cover yourself. With ATV insurance, you can make sure you have coverage in case someone gets hurt or you get in an accident. Plus, ATVs are off-road vehicles that are typically ridden on rough terrain and uneven roads. It is fairly common for damage to be done to the ATV itself. If you carry Comprehensive and Collision coverage, you can set an affordable deductible for yourself to repair your ATV if it becomes damaged.

Protect Your Toys with Nicholson & Associates

Whether you have an RV, sailboat, or ATV, Nicholson & Associates is here to help you find the right coverage to keep you protected all summer long. Contact your local office to get quotes or review your insurance policy to make sure you have everything covered the way you want.

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